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tv   Action News at 11PM  ABC  September 3, 2016 11:30pm-12:06am EDT

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talked about the hilltoppers next, the home opener on espn2. and that visit to oxford. the last couple times, rebels have gotten them. that's a game on the 17th. and then, saban's alma mater, kentucky. back-to-back road games against arkansas and tennessee. visit lsu. circle that one, november 5th, though, the tigers a little bit deflated already, with a loss. >> kirk: before we watched any games being played, i had alabama winning the west and getting to s.e.c. championship and getting into the playoff. actually getting to the national title. you look at that schedule, after what we've watched this -- it's only week one, but after what we've watched -- i mean, they -- they look really good. they look like they're going to just kind of continue to take off where they were last year and potentially -- i think they're going to be as good, if not better defensively, because i they they're going to be
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jalen hurts is potentially an x factor, with what he can do in running this offense. his ability to throw and run. they have four running backs that they can use. the line's only going to get better week after week. they're going to be a tough out. >> chris: burnett takes a turn at punt returner. he's got a little room. that's out near midfield. what do you make of the there were certainly some lows. >> kirk: well, arkansas came back and won that, by a point. >> chris: mississippi state missing that chip shot at the end. >> kirk: georgia, that's a great win over north carolina. wisconsin outplayed lsu most of that game and deserved to win. west virginia ends up beating missouri. florida with a win. a&m in overtime that was a great win over ucla. it's not -- that doesn't include
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gait game on thursday night, which wasn't a strong performance by the s.e.c. >> chris: auburn's defense doing a strong job against clemson, but still down by ten against the clemson tigers. and then you have ole miss against florida state, underdogs the game monday. usc with a toughest rated schedule in the country, says the fpi. we're going to see them up on the farm in palo alto. the conference opener. they play the three toughest teams from the north division. two ofhe that is a rough, rough road. and the home finale against notre dame. >> kirk: when you include alabama in the nine games they play in the pac-12, they're going to end up playing one of the toughest schedules in the country. that's why it was so important, chris, to come into this game, for clay helton to get his team to hit some adversity and fight through it. not let this game get away g you
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than just playing alabama and they missed out on that opportunity after competing early in the game, obviously, this thing has gotten away. >> chris: dominique davis gets a turn. this will not be, apparently, the worst loss in usc history. that was back in '66, a 51-0 loss to notre dame, but it is one of the worst, and mercifully, for them, it's in the final minute. the ford wrapup coming up after the game with what's the headline going to be, hurts so good, for the offensive line? or all about the defense? >> kirk: i would think you got to talk about the freshman quarterback, i mean, the defense is a staple and they looked great tonight, but jalen hurts, and some of the plays that he came up with, probably got to be a big story, don't you think? >> chris: quarterback keeper.
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s.e.c., or, usc struck first and then, the s.e.c. and alabama punched back in a big way. saban will still have work to do, he'll tell you, lots of improvement is needed, but jalen hurts, his debut, the true freshman, spectacular. and lane kiffin calling plays against his former school, enjoyed just about every minute of this.
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>> chris: big debut for jalen hurts. tide defense holding the trojans to just 194 yards. let's get saban's reaction down with samantha. >> samantha: coach, big night for your freshman quarterback that didn't even start the game. so, do you think jalen did enough tonight to earn that role, to be the guy for you? >> well, you know, he did a nice job tonight. i'm not sure we don't have a couple guys that can play quarterback, and i said,
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tonight was for now, so, it's for now. it was for now. we started another guy, he come in and played well. you know, if we can build with that, then we'll do that. but i think the focus for our team, our quarterbacks and everybody else, needs to be on improvement. i thought we played sloppy at times, made a lot of big plays, but we have to be more consistent in our execution. especially on offense. so, we got a lot of work to do. >> samantha: i know at halftime you talked to me about blocking. is that the main concern offensivy? >> we didn't get started very well. we couldn't run the ball. we didn't control the line of scrimmage in the beginning of the game. one first down in the first quarter. so, you know, i know it looks like, 52-6, everybody's happy, i'm happy we won the game. i think southern cal has a good team. but i also think we have a lot of work to do. >> samantha: bama fans are happy to hear that. coach, congratulations. you can enjoy it a little bit, though. >> chris: we knew he'd be a tough grader.
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first quarter. yes, they got off to a slow start. ran for 242, throwing for 223. >> kirk: they were sloppy tonight. a lot of work to do. clean some things up. they won 52-6, but in reality, first game, they were slow out of the gate. trying to figure out if blake barnett was going be the guy. they finally went to hurts and took advantage of some opportunities. the game flipped. and just like that, went from being a close game, sc playing with some passion, to alabama 17-3 and really that was it. >> chris: the reason why saban is guarded, it was one game. we're not sure what sc was going to be. they lost six games a year ago. they had high hopes. this may not look -- >> kirk: he's going to down play it, of course. and he's got ole miss in two weeks. a team that he's lost to two straight years. that's the laser focus right now. >> chris: alabama a little slow out of the gate and then began
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early in the third quarter. tide looking very much like a number one-ranked team. tonight's game here was produced by bill minnow. next saturday, saturday night football will be at the bristol motor speedway, as virginia tech takes on tennessee. that's a wrap for now, but the ford wrapup show is next, so, let's go to cassidy hubbarth right now for that. thanks, chris. welcome to the ford wrapup. the 2016 college football season certainly knows how to make a good first impression. and if you are into upsets, then, it's certainly living up to the title as the greatest opening weekend ever. ever ever? ever ever. that is, unless, you're an lsu fan. brandon harris, with one of his two interceptions. this one, in the final minute.
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josh bouta getting ejected because of that late hit. wisconsin hands lsu their first nonconference regular season loss in the les miles era. and number five goes down, so does number three. oklahoma. attempting the 53-yard field goal, short. brandon wilson brings it out of the end zone, and he is gone. for a kick six. number 15, houston, with its first win over an a.p. top three team since 1984. the cougars now 4-0 underdog under tom herman. number 1tcu ta3 tcu taking south dakota state. tcu up 52-41. also in progress, number two clemson, taking on auburn. late third quarter. auburn down 13-3. jeremi johnson, stuffed behind the line. fumbles it. clemson recovers. they are up 13-3 in the third. this game on espn.
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texas a&m. trevor knight. his second career game with multiple rushing tds. ucla, down to their last play. josh rosen's pass broken up and so is the comeback attempt. aggies beat ucla. speaking of comebacks. georgia georgia/unc. nick chubb rushes for 222 yards. kirby smart wins his first game as georgia's head coach. 33-24. the j.t. barrett, no controversy this year. and he put on a show. responsible for a school record seven tds, as ohio state puts up 77 and a school record 776 total yards in their win over bowling green. michigan showed no mercy to hawaii. chris evans taking it to the house. 43 yards s for the score. michigan wins it 63-3. elsewhere, across college
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alma mater of the late, great john saunders, upsetting northwestern, 22-21. also, richmond upsetting virginia, and south alabama beating mississippi state. mississippi state blew a 17-0 halftime lead at south alabama. oh, and we're not done yet. sunday night, 7:30 eastern, number ten, notre dame, at texas on abc. and then, monday, as if we didn't h espn, ole miss, number 11, taking on number 4, florida state. you've been watching the ford y wrapup, presented by the 2016 ford escape. be unstoppable. ? i'm free to do what i want and have a good time. ? just announced! 0% financing plus $500 labor day cash across the entire 2016 ford lineup. and specially tagged vehicles get an extra $1000 smart bonus cash.
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live from the asian -- live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. right going on in pasco county -- and pasco county rising water that working families from their -- the working families from their homes. good evening, i thank you -- and thank you for joining us. i'm sarina fazan. even today that sunshine and flooding concerns continue. three neighborhood but been ordered -- but been ordered to evacuate. the good news is that the water
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massachusetts avenue, the bad news if there's potential for some way and the river right thing to people here are getting out now. tracy foster watch -- watched nervously her -- watch nervously her daughter pulled out of the flood waters at the blue -- floodwaters at the blue heron pointe mobile home park in newport richey. they came in to see -- into -- in to see us. they said that they were having a evacuation. he told us that for -- told us that for the period neighbors started piling air mattresses and paddling their way to fix the bug i then putting had taken a hefty toll. my feeling -- feeling inside my house,you'll she's lucky she and her kids and dogs got out safely. everybody lost everything they had. almost knee-high in water
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apartment state route 50 or heading for higher ground. at the county sheriff -- sheriff utilities and they had a chance to evacuate before the river it major flood stage. last year we got woken up in the middle of the night and grab everything you can go. this time i have several days worth of stuff. despite all the warnings, a few people are choosing to ride this thing out -- lead the thing out st the -- despite the mandatory evacuation. hoping that -- the worst is over. the hurricane shelter is -- shelters open tonight for families needing a a place to go and catch -- pets are welcome. in addition, the parkway area worthington apartments and blue heron mobile home, pasco county encouraging people and bass -- -- lake, lake pearl, but -- with only of -- world, with
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mobile home park consider -- park consider evacuating. now thankfully build of rain had stopped specially for those having, but issues. it -- that issue. have talked and it will continue to get dryer. the problem is once the rain comes down we are seeing waters come -- we are seeing waters come up and those rivers around the reverse. first of all, a live -- a live look at the top doppler radar, we are seeing hillcrest the lake wells and 27 around avon park sebring and placid lakes, all of this -- the -- this continuing to pope -- move off to the east for mean way up -- her main way up there. still pulling off the moisture from here. -- her. 80 degrees in tampa and clearwater home wins in both locations partly cloudy -- partly cloudy skies and 81 in st. petersburg winds coming out
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-- these are the area portions of goldsboro pasco, manatee, her so the county's delivered are getting -- colonies the rivers are getting near crest the cause of all the rain that has come down. even though the rain has stopped the water still writing and continue to keep an eye on that as with -- the with -- that as with the folks in the neighborhood and speaking of writing we will watch the temperatures rise tomorrow. as we see some -- we see some sunshine back up into the upper 80s and return to normal specially into labor day. 15 minutes. tonight people in other parts of pasco trying to clean up after the storm. leaders are still back in the forces of nature and hurricane's long ways away, but the damage already done. showers to help this mobile home park driveway turned into a pond with debris everywhere. i lost everything today yesterday and -- yesterday and today i feel really discourage
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county stressing patience -- stressing patients tonight is officials are working to bring relief. take a look at your screen, this is where you can go in citrus county to get rid of your berkeley -- degrees, the landfill will be closed sunday and monday because of the holiday. in orlando connie you can take your debris -- -- county you can take your debris and a landfill in brooksville, visit our website for a list of more locations. governor which scott checking out the -- which scott is checking out the point the hurricane left nearly 100,000 people in the dark, crews working -- working around- the-clock and how power is slowly coming back online. tropical storm hermine hit it hit the close with 50-mile an hour wind gust, only -- only a few brave on -- onlookers break the wind and rain to catch -- capture storm patch five past five -- five. we'll county deputies are looking for missing team in
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you see here jumped into the peach be heard to say the sister. the current swept them away anyone who has seen austin's -- is urged to urged to contact police immediately, he is now in show -- jail, the 19-year- old carmen chamblee is facing second-degree arson charges, she thought the car belonged to vertex. a 5.6 magnitude earthquake rattled, oklahoma. here's some video of -- the home t by this, a family whose home was in the at the -- epicenter of this quake -- the quake. here in downtown party they're -- that are blocked off areas all the county -- countless actively recovering. when -- town is actively recovering. when we arrived, they were looking on as the party fire department put out the second fire on their farm today. linda showed us inside their home where the walls cracked and pictures broken and the
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she said, the shakes were so forceful -- six were so forceful this morning that it felt like she was love -- levitating from her bed. seeing this home this way -- this way is heartbreaking. it's terrible. there's not much you can do getting upset about it and crying over it doesn't do any good. but it frustrating. right now the couple is in sure that their insurance company will help them pay for the damages. in the next few days everyone should be ut everyone should be cautious in their homes and around building. he said his concern is for the damages that are unseen that people may not come become aware of until it's too late. the us and china both on board with the paris agreement on climate change, president barack obama announced the ratification today. obama and the president of -- president of china submitted fans today -- today umc.
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we are together because we believe that all the challenges that we face the growing threat of climate change, and the contours of this century more dramatically than -- more dramatically than any other challenge. obama is in china for his last meeting as a president. after a recent criticism, donald trump can -- finally -- trump attendant services, the republican nominees swearing -- planning and clapping. she relied heavily on her staff to work in -- on the handle classified information -- and handle classified information. ultimately the fbi found there was not enough evidence to charge clinton with any crime. new tonight hundreds of people -- hundreds of people evacuated tampa international airport today after spokesperson said someone accidentally set off a -- up a
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here's a photo of the electrician. he quickly figured out what happened and a lot of people back in. finding out poorly on sick today, he wandered off while his father was sleeping. the three teams you see here are responsible for finding may abort -- them board. former nfl hall of famer back in the headlines this time under arrest for dui in florida troopers tell us former new york giant lawrence taylor not only size swap a patrol car, but -- , but also -- and for -- gardens, at around five p.m. on friday, he agreed to take three bill sobriety test, we are told performing badly on all of them. i troopers asked if he had anything to drink 57 all the fight -- or the fight, apparently too much. just had a fair share of legal troubles from drunk driving to drugs. he is out of jail tonight. press no official thing today two officers were injured in
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a man was looking for someone at the jail and started acting erratically when the officer can talk to them that's when the man -- men pulled out a gun and started shooting hitting one of the officers the -- that the officer was shot when he jumped in to help. deadly force is no longer present and the sheriff's office -- and the sheriff's office personnel responded immediately. they can be held at -- accountable for what he did. the man is now in jail, but the two officers are currently in the hospital. they are investigating space x rocket exploded thursday morning, it happened during the test firing in -- a test firing in the launch complex. thankfully there are no injuries in the explosion. cruise to the rescue of both cap sizes, but four boaters are " specially for one -- especially for one of them. more carnival injuries, what
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y23mky yy6y four boaters safe tonight after there own capsizes. here's the picture, it hit a tree branch and a close call for one of the boaters, two boaters made it to land area when the fire and rescue arrived at third -- they found -- they've on -- they found a fourth person who could not swim clinging to a tree limb. none of the boaters -- boaters were sick out. new jersey police are investigating a shooting in atlantic city. one officer in critical condition, one aspect is that, a 20,000-dollar reward is being offered to anyone with information. the shots were fired outside the casino. the shootout started when police started to stop criminals. one suspect died at the scene and the other found a block and a half away. they are looking for five suspects tonight. i rescue helicopter finds the
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ocean after their plane crashes just a mile from port everglades 200 -- 200 miles -- yards from the airport. tower control warned the airport -- -- -- the pilot about heavy rain in the pilot tried to change course, but it was too late. the cause is under investigation. another carnival injuries story, six children recovering after getting hurt this time in illinois. the right to -- stopped abruptly making the kids had their heads. the children were hospitalized for injuries not considered -- serious. who said rain on your wedding day is a bad thing quite the contrary for -- quite the contrary for a couple. these newlyweds said their ideas in kitty hawk when tropical storm her -- her main -- hermine. saying the rain made a memorable backdrop. it gives them something to talk
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who said rain was bad on her wedding day -- the wedding day. both of them looked -- it's so romantic. look at this guy. you know all the music. trivia time. you should get the team action go out. we're keeping an eye on tricky -- trivia weather. especially in the weekend, whether has to do with everything. it's not trivia at all. beautiful shot. different look at the clearwater tower cam into the downtown marina and the causeway behind. that is clearwater tonight tampa earlier tonight finally saw some clearing as the carnival cruise ship made its way out into the gulf for a voyage as hermine has the other direction up to the east coast and pushing
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while those folks -- while those folks up there had to deal with the wind and rain and be -- the rain and beach erosion. we will get reduced rain chances i had for the next couple days and wait till you see the seven days as we work into a pretty dry workweek. folks in the region saying hey -- saying hey that hermine is out of here, jimmy's nest is saying high clouds out there, but mostly blue. then we saw things blow up on the radar, watch the storms move couple of streets showers around northport and further inland as well. all of this associated with the future been going out to hermine wore off to the north again pretty much stalling out -- pretty much stalling out there and will sit and >> for a while and rule in the labor day holiday for folks up north. that is well out of our way and pulling that moisture through that's what brought the showers through early this morning and then also saw some of those
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now we've got a degree reading in tampa alan pendergraft clearwater west chapel at 77 looks like 76 right now in avon park and 82 in cf the -- siesta key. future -- futurecast, pew storms will pop up at 3:00 tomorrow and continue to move off to the east. we see a shift of the winds on monday and go back to the summer pattern and -- and south before they fall apart. eighty right now we will go down to 77 overnight and back into -- in the upper 80s by later on in the afternoon tomorrow. what should be of -- a good voting day, 83 gulf water temperature right now -- water temperature right now clearwater beach, wind shifts from southeast was tomorrow about five knots, they water should be smooth these want to keep -- one to 2 feet, different story as they return to normal.
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sun is up at 7:10 a.m. seven-day forecast, over the weekend tomorrow monday and no more than about 40% chance of showers. she's in -- choosing one state thursday, knocking down those rain chances to 20 to 30%. tomorrow, you'll see that push from the west to the east about 40% chance winds shift -- wind shift on monday and that -- get those later rain showers on what is shapg decent labor day weekend. big upset in college football, two we the -- we the top 25 go down including one of the top five in the struggling.
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